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ITT G3 Night Mariner 260 Night Vision Binoculars

Professional Grade ITT Generation 3 F5000 Series
Lightly Used - Excellent Condition!


--> SOLD FOR $1,125 (AUG 2004) !!!

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You are bidding on lightly used ITT Night Mariner 260 / F5000 Series Night Vision Binoculars with Generation 3 technology.  These binoculars retail for well over $2,200 and we have set the reserve at over half off that amount!

ITT's top-of-the-line marine binocular offers Generation 3 technology for the boater who prefers binocular-style optics. Adjustable gain control, individual diopter focus and electronic focus add clarity and convenience. The Night Mariner 260 is rugged, waterproof, and it floats. It operates on a 6V lithium camera battery (not included). The optional Magnetic Compass Adapter Kit allows your heading to be displayed right in the top of the night vision scene.

ITT's top of the line marine binocular offers Generation 3 technology for the boater who prefers a binocular style night vision viewer. Adjustable gain control, individual diopter focus and electronic focus add clarity and convenience when you're outdoor and on the water. It's waterproof and it floats.

Night Vision technology consists of two major types: image intensification (light amplification) and thermal imaging (infrared). Most consumer night vision products are light amplifying devices. All ITT Industries Night Vision products use image intensification technology. This technology takes the small amount of light, such as moonlight or starlight, that is in the surrounding area, and converts the light energy (scientists call it photons), into electrical energy (electrons). These electrons pass through a thin disk that's about the size of a quarter and contains over 10 million channels. As the electrons travel through and strike the walls of the channels, thousands more electrons are released. These multiplied electrons then bounce off of a phosphor screen which converts the electrons back into photons and lets you see an impressive nighttime view even when it's really dark.

Developments in image intensification (or light amplification) technology are categorized in terms of generations:  Generation 0 devices are not true image intensifiers, but rather image converters that require an active source of invisible infrared (IR) light mounted on or near the device to illuminate the object being viewed. The reflected IR light is then converted to visible light. Generation 1 devices employ multiple image intensifiers connected in series, which results in some visual distortion around the periphery of the image. Generation 2 technology introduced the microchannel plate, which eliminated the need for multiple image intensifiers thereby reducing visual distortion and physical size. Generation 3 devices incorporate two further advancements - a gallium arsenide photocathode that increases sensitivity to the near-infrared range of the spectrum, and an ion barrier coating on the microchannel plate that increases image tube life. The ITT Night Mariner unit offered in this auction uses this sophisticated Generation 3 technology.

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What's Included

    ITT Night Mariner 260 Night Vision Binoculars  (F5000 Series - G3)
    Zippered ITT Case with Side Pocket
    Owner's Manual

Overall Condition

    Lightly Used - Excellent Working and Physical Condition


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